Case Studies

Next Generation Analytics Architecture for Business Advantage

Leveraging the right platforms, tools & skills to harness All the Data is key to being a successful Data‐driven Enterprise!

Tags: Data Hub, analytics architecture, Unified Analytics Platform, Claims, Insurance, data warehouse, cloud, social media, RDBMS, SILO-ed analytics, NoSQL, Sentiments, Hadoop, Oracle, SAP, OpenNLP, Genomics

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What Can Banks Learn From Social Media?

Fees & Charges levied by different banks are popular discussion topics for all Banks. Home Mortgage was particularly popular in the context of Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

Tags: Social Media Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Banks, Citibank, Wells Fargo, US Bank, JP Morgan-Chase, Bank of America, Bofa, bank fees, mortgage, credit card

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Lexicon based Sentiment Analysis in Social Media

This paper describes the system developed by the Serendio team for the SemEval-2013 Task 2 competition (Task A). We use a lexicon based approach for discovering sentiments. Our lexicon is built from the Serendio taxonomy. The Serendio taxonomy consists of positive, negative, negation, stop words and phrases. A typical tweet contains word variations, emoticons, hashtags etc. We use preprocessing steps such as stemming, emoticon detection and normalization, exaggerated word shortening and hashtag detection. After the preprocessing, the lexicon-based system classifies the tweets as positive or negative based on the contextual sentiment orientation of the words. Our system yields an F-score of 0.8004 on the test dataset.

Tags: Sentiment analysis, Microblog, Lexicon based, Semeval 2013, Natural Language processing, Text analytics, Naacl 2013, CXA

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Windows 8 Smartphones - Nokia Lumia 920 vs HTC Windows Phone 8X

We took all the conversations around these 2 models and analyzed them for Sentiments and Buzz. It is clear that the volume of conversations with a positive sentiment is higher (36.96%) for Nokia Lumia 920, than for HTC Windows Phone 8X (22.91%).

Tags: Social Media Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Smartphones, iPhone, Nokia, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola

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Dell XPS 14z Vs Toshiba Portege Z835 Vs HP Envy 4 Sleek book Vs Acer Aspire S5

Though Performance, Body and Battery are the most popular attributes of Ultrabooks , Weight and Track pad are discussed more frequently n the case of Dell XPS 14z. However, these two features rarely get discussed in the case of Toshiba Portege Z835, HP Envy 4 Sleek book, and Acer Aspire S5.

Tags: Social Media Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Ultrabooks, Dell XPS, Toshiba Portege, HP Envy, Acer Aspire, Asus, Lenovo

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What features of Sony PS3 do users care about the most?

Overall Design, High Definition, User Interface, and Wifi Connectivity seem to influence Purchase decisions more than other features.

Tags: Social Media Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Gaming Consoles, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Wii, XBox, PS3

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Big Data Infrastructure Management - Created new Revenue Streams while Reducing costs by 60%

Scope and Quality of deliverables increased through leveraging Serendio's expertise in Big Data infrastructure and Social content aggregation. Increased Data mining and Predictive modeling capabilities resulted in newer revenue streams.

Tags: Big Data, Managed Services, Hadoop, HBASE, Social Ads, Ad tech, Amazon S3, Data Aggregation

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